Clients Who Will Benefit the Most

Successful but stuck

Successful in some areas of their lives, but find that they either repeatedly fall back into old patterns or have reached a “ceiling” or “plateau” they can’t overcome.

Willing to learn

Willing to learn skills, such as emotional skills, acupressure points, Focusing and art exploration--and practice them. Acquiring skills accelerates the therapeutic process and increases its depth. Practicing simple skills between sessions can sustain clients, and often assists them to gain confidence about their ability to navigate stressful situations.

Talk therapy experience

Experienced some talk therapy, and may have felt supported and heard, but who are now ready to deal with their core issues and replace subpar behaviors with healthier ones.

In recovery, but more to do

Established a solid foundation in recovery from addiction, but who have undesirable aspects of their behavior (such as codependency) that they would like to eliminate.

Ability to introspect

That is, if they are asked to examine their thoughts, emotions, body sensations or internal images, they can do so. Any internal practice such as journaling or meditation trains the practitioner in introspection.

Willing partner

Willing to be a partner with the therapist in their treatment. The client knows themselves and is willing to tell the therapist what worked and what did not. The therapist brings knowledge of the psyche and is able to teach skills.


Understand that therapy will go at the pace of the client and who can be patient with themselves.


Motivated to create a healthier and more positive future.

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