What I Offer to My Clients

Training in multiple forms of therapy: When we’ve reached the limit for using a particular treatment modality, I switch modalities.

Formal training in Transactional Analysis and Gestalt. This enables me to diagnose, know what interventions will make a difference and track progress.


I can differentiate between psychologically-based issues vs. those that come from ill health, due to my experience and training.


I have done my own recovery work from childhood trauma. This aids me in noticing the more subtle aspects of trauma in other people and assists me to stay separate from the client’s process. I understand the underlying dynamics when people describe violent or deprived backgrounds, and I know the hard work that goes into the recovery process. I encourage independence at all times.


My training and experiences have sharpened my intuition, a quality I support in my clients and which helps me to teach clear boundaries. For example, when a client describes the symptoms of psychosis or personality disorders in their parents, I can show them the diagnosis in the DSM V and determine the likely impact on the client’s psychological and emotional development.

Crystal Blue Reflections
Crystal Blue Reflections, painting by Elizabeth Brandon
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