Elizabeth Ann Brandon, LMFT, CAC II, CHT graduated with a Bachelor’s in Psychology from University of Utah and a Master’s of Arts in Marriage, Family & Child Counseling from the American Academy of Family Studies, Scotts Valley, CA, a California accredited school. In the state of Colorado, she is licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist and certified as a CAS – Alcohol and Drug Counselor. She is also a Certified Hypnotherapist with three certifications including one in Alchemical Hypnotherapy. She has two certifications in Thought Field Therapy.

Her training features five years of training in Transactional Analysis, the original Inner Child work, combined with Gestalt and a year of training in Process Therapy. She is also trained in Cognitive Therapy, Focusing, Neurolinguistic Programing, Alchemical Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique and Thought Field Therapy. She has obtained training in alcohol and drug counseling.

She studied world religions since she was sixteen years old and can relate to all religious backgrounds. Her desire with this website is to pass on the essence of what she has learned about creating a lifestyle of joy.

Elizabeth Brandon with her cat.
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