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  • Independent chiild

    More independent

  • Communicating clearly

    Communicating more clearly

  • Setting boundaries

    Setting boundaries

  • Process emotions

    Able to process your own emotions

  • Clear decisions

    Making clear decisions

  • Prioritization

    Prioritizing what is important to you

  • Bonding with others

    Bonding with others

  • Moving through challenges

    Moving through challenges fluidly

  • Many options

    Knowing many options

  • Finding your limits and melting them

    Finding your limits and melting them

If you are willing to try new methods, challenge yourself and apply what you learn, you'll progress steadily.

Licenses, Certifications and Experience

Welcome! I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of Colorado. I am also certified in CAS—Alcohol and Drug Counseling, and have certifications in Thought Field Therapy and Alchemical Hypnotherapy. I am well-trained in Transactional Analysis, Inner Child work and Gestalt. I am experienced in Focusing, Cognitive Therapy and Neurolinguistic Programming. I have worked with a wide variety of populations in many settings.

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