Permission Wheel Assessment

This assessment shows clearly which areas of your life you have permission to be successful and which are blocked.  It is a very useful starting place in therapy.

Injunctions Assessment

Injunctions are early decisions about what is possible in our lives. These beliefs can block having what you want in your life. Once identified, we look for the events that triggered these decisions and change the resulting decisions.

Learning Skills Assessment

Humans use all their senses—sight, hearing and movement—to learn. However, each person tends to use one sense consciously, another to sort out aspects and make decisions. Yet another sense is more unconscious. Learning to use the ‘equipment’ we have increases the results we get.

Emotional Skills Assessment

Helps define which emotions are easy to work with and which are problematic and how the person expresses them.

assessments help you find the pattern
Assessments help you find the pattern, by Elizabeth Brandon

Enneagram Assessment

A nine-type personality system is based on early decisions on how to deal with life. It allows the client to track their own progress of change.

Basic Substance Use Assessments

Basic substance assessments using TADD-5 that give the extent to which substances have become an issue. I, also, do a Transactional Analysis Substance Assessment which describes patterns and cost of using substances.

I do not do assessment for court purposes.

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